1. How far is the Las Casitas del Colca from the city of Arequipa?

160 kilometers and it takes approximately 3 hours by car..

2. At what elevation is the Las Casitas del Colca?

3260 meters

3. Is it possible for me to get mountain sickness?

Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is also known as mountain sickness or altitude sickness; in Peru, it goes by the names of soroche, yeyo, and apunamiento. It has to do with the body’s lack of adaptation to high altitudes and all the symptoms that a person experiences.

What happens is that the higher you go, the lower the atmospheric and oxygen pressure. Therefore, as you inhale, you receive less oxygen than at sea level, and that is what produces hypoxia or lack of oxygen in the blood.

To avoid mountain sickness, or at least to mitigate its effects, you need to acclimate yourself to the altitude. Don’t exert yourself or engage in physical activity for at least the first couple of days. Also, the day before you arrive, you should get a good night’s sleep, eat light, and don’t drink alcohol.

Moreover, once you are in the mountains, you will need to rest the first day, breathe deeply, ascend gradually, drink water continuously, don’t drink alcohol, don’t use tobacco products, eat little, choosing foods with high carbohydrate and sugar content and that are easy to digest, like fruits, wear warm clothes, and avoid taking tranquilizers.

Casitas del Colca does have an oxygen tank and personnel trained in first aid.

4. Is the Colca Canyon the deepest in the world?

The findings of the last expedition to the Colca Canyon in 2005, led by Polish mathematician and adventurer Andrew Potowski, showed that the canyon depth at the area adjacent to Quillo Orco is 4160 m on the northern side and 3600 m on the southern side, making it the second deepest in the world after Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon in China, depth 5590 m.

The Polish researcher explained that measurements vary as time passes for a range of factors, such as a drop in the depth of the river bed and the use of more precise measurement technology.