Enjoying Nature

After a light breakfast, we will board our bus and drive to the Cruz del Condor lookout point where we will see the majestic flight of these huge birds through the canyon. The drive continues to the Tapay lookout to see towns far-off in the canyon, like San Juan de Chuccho, Coshñirhua, and Malata.

Next stop is the town of Cabanaconde, where the weather is perfect for growing corn and the square and church are main attractions in this traditional town. We will take a short hike to the Achachigua lookout and stand in awe of the marvelous canyon setting and the towns located inside it, like Sangalle, Huaruro, Fure, and Llahuar, not to mention Hururo Falls.

After this experience, we will return to the hotel, but along the way we will stop at other lookout points to see the Lagunas Misteriosas (Mysterious Lakes), Tumbas Colgantes (hanging tombs), and the Maqueta de Piedra (a stone artifact that shows the layout of the surrounding terraces), as well as the surrounding terraced hillsides found throughout the valley. There will even be a short pause at the village of Maca to marvel at the hydraulic skills of the ancient dwellers of the valley.

Duration: 4 – 5 hours